Avionics and Maintenance Courses
coming Fall 2017

We are moving along with the online courses and hope to start providing free course that can be used in conjunction with FAA training. The first course will be on NORSEE approved parts for aircraft installation. This course is vary helpful in educating pilot and mechanic alike with what the FAA considers an approved. aviation part. 

The next course to be put online will be the NCATT AET certification test. This will take some time to complete so I do plan to teach live NCATT review courses in the near future. I am making a site selection to determine the highest numbers of attendees. If you wish to have an NCATT AET course in your area, and can provide a venue, please email me at bessetteaz@hotmail.com

The second course in production is:
 Avionics Installer. A guide to install typical avionics system upgrade. This first coure will highlight the ADS-B requirements that many aircraft will need to have by Jan 1 2020.  

Soon After look here for NCATT AET study course to appear here.  
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