FAA Basic Electricity Study Course
​This course provides the learner with all the subjects required for the Basic Electricity for the FAA Generals Written Test. With over 44 videos and practice test questions and explanations, this is the best course that can be used to prepare for a subject that is difficult to learn.

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Distance Measuring Equipment
This course can provide technical type training that can be used for a Repair Station Approved Training program. This course outlines the operation, and system components and includes a student eBook and an end-of-course exam with a certificate.

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Aircraft Batteries
This course is designed to provide technical training on aircraft batteries that can be added to a FAR 145 Approved Training Program. This course includes five videos and a post-course test where a certificate of completion is issued to be included in the learner’s training records.  

This course can also be used to help a learner with the FAA written exams.

Aircraft Transponder GenFam

This course was created to meet training requirements for those FAA Repair Stations that hold a Limited Specialized Service for Transponder certifications under FAR 91.215 and 91.217. This course covers the system operation and components and performing the system certifications. The course is in four chapters and contains 6 hours of training including an end-of-course exam and certificate of completion to be kept in the technician’s training records.  

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A&P Written Test Prep Course

This course provides a Mechanic application a chance to practice the General, Airframe and Powerplant written exams.

The three tests are divided into sub-chapters that allow a tester to evaluate the tester knowledge for each subject.  

The course has all of the FAA written test questions uploaded, but as to not overwhelm the tester, only a random selection is presented to the tester. 

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NCATT AET Test Prep 
Volume 1

Volume one course contains 49 videos that cover all of the lessons that are covered in NCATT AET Test Prep Vol 1. I included a video table of contents with this email. All of these subjects are those for the FAA Generals Basics Electricity and NCATT AET-specific subjects. After each video is a practice knowledge exam you could use to test your retention. The answers are included in the download documents.

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New- Major Repair and Alterations Course
This course is designed to help those who need to know how to alter or repair a civil aircraft properly. This 14-part course will educate on how to: 
Defining Airworthiness
Defining Major vs Minor Alteration
Acceptable Parts
Approved Data
Acceptable Data
Weight and Balance
FAA Form 337
Field Approval Application

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