Aircraft Glass Cockpit Operations &Maintenance  is an introduction for the pilot and technician alike designed to introduce them into the complicated word of aircraft glass cockpit systems. This book is designed for persons who want to learn about the more complex indicating systems from simple to complex. 

Starting with the history and reasoning behind the change to glass displays to descriptions of the many types of displays and indicators installed. This book will help those technicians who want to learn about how all of the navigation and flight indication systems “talk” with each other or just to look into the complication world of modern aircraft cockpit. This book covers how a cathode ray tube works and the new light emitting diode and liquid crystal display systems. From easiest to more difficult systems that are commonplace in every aircraft being produced today. 

In this book you will also learn about the new heads up guidance systems, on that are now becoming standard in large aircraft. This book covers the basics of Dynon, Garmin, Rockwell Collins, Sperry and Honeywell systems installed into modern Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna and Airbus Aircraft.  This is designed to give the technician a heads up on what they could expect in a General Familiarization course at their work. 

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