Why should I get the NCATT AET?
The National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies was created to meet a need. That need was some method to evaluate and qualify future technicians in the field of Avionics. One of the many standards is the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification standard. The AET certification is divided into 34 subject areas of study. 

A link to my YouTube description of what an NCATT AET test contains can be found here.

Avionic Program Services

Based on the NCATT AET curriculum which is divided into two sections. The NCATT certification section and the Avionics Line Maintenance Technician section. 

I have create over 650 hours of classroom material which includes:
This at a time when the aircraft industry is modernizing new aircraft and retiring the older analog equipped ones. The role of a traditional A&P will need to either transition to a more avionic based maintenance standard. Or technicians will need to train to the new aircraft maintenance specialty meet the continued airworthiness needs of new aircraft coming into the system.  

This website will provide the avionics training for both current A&P mechanics and for new people who are looking to enter into this very lucrative field that, with the proper training, will provide a very rewarding career.

On our website will find those study materials you can use to obtain your Avionics certification. Starting with the NCATT AET test study guide available on our textbooks tab, to the online training that can provide the user interactive courses students are accustomed to today.  

NCATT AET Endorsements

Just like the certification format for the Airframe and Powerplant certificate the AET certification is just the start. After earning the AET, NCATT offers the additional endorsements that further identifies the skills a technician is qualified for. As of this writing the NCATT offers four additional Endorsements;

Autonomous Navigation Systems
Dependent Navigation Systems
Onboard Communication & Safety Systems
Radio Communication Systems
Avionics Installer

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